Aka: Two Chains

Bartender at the Cantina for 4 years. While pursuing her graduate degree.

Likes: Tattoos, piercings, fast cars and faster women. She drinks Apple Crown through a funnel.

Dislikes: Ketchup, hangovers, and cars that don't start.

Signature Cocktails: Tara bombs, Apple Crown shots, and Bloody marys

Favorite Quote: "Shut up and drink it"

Aka: Liz, the Lizard, or Bitsy

Bartender at the Cantina for the last 8 years while working towards her teaching degree. Shifts at the bar give her practice for when she starts teaching unruly first graders.

Likes: Country music, the beach, bull dogs, and being a smart ass.

Dislikes: Caffeine, spinach, and disorganization.

Signature Cocktails: Mixing malort in Kurts beer.

Favorite Quote: "Shut up Kurt"

Aka: D, or Danielly

Bartender at the Cantina for the past year while raising her two children.

Likes: Justin Beiber, Jameson, drinking beer through straws, anything disney, Chicago Bulls, and having an attitude 93% of the time.

Dislikes: Rude people, dirty finger nails, Irish music, not having enough time in the day to nap.

Signature Cocktails: D bombs, Pickle backs, Lemon drop shots, and French Martinis

Aka: Steph

New addition to the Cantina, when Stephanie is not slangin drinks at the can she is pursuing her nursing degree.

Likes: Pasta, the stair master, shopping, tennis, Captian, and being a polish princess.

Dislikes: Men who wear cut-offs, running, mayo, and the city

Signature Cocktails: Mai tai

Aka: Too Short

Lori also works for a dental office and enjoys spending time with her 2 dogs Paris and Yeti. She also likes volleyball and video games.

Likes: Cartoons, Steak tacos, Wine, and Rollerskating.

Dislikes: People who leave the toliet seat up, Sloppy Joes, Clubs, and Movies

Signature Cocktails: Dirty Martinis and Vegas Bomb

Aka: Davey, Bossman, or Jocky

Proud owner of the cantina since 1998.

Likes: Jagermeister, horse racing, Florida beaches, Jagermeister, toast, and every type of candy known to man.

Dislikes: People who don't enjoy Jagermeister, a dirty bar, losing in anything, and cold weather.

Favorite Quote: "One more and I'm going home."